Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Part 1 of my BIG NEWS!!!

Okay, well the time has come to post my pictures and tell you the first part of my big news! :) Alright, I must say first that this may not seem like big news to you all or any of you for that matter, but to me it's great news! :) I guess being a photographer and trying to start my own business this is a HUGE necessity and the Lord provided it!!!! :)
Soooo...for my news! I GOT AN EPSON PHOTO PRINTER!!!!!!! Okay, don't be mad, YES it is JUST a printer, but c'mon guys, now I can cut all my cost of using the lab and print at home!!! :) This printer is SOOO nice, it will print my notecards for me, print on canvas, well it will print on most anything. I'm very sad to say that I do not have the USB cord I need to even hook it up tonight, but I was successful in loading the cartridges and plugging it in! ;) Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get the cord AND paper and start printing! :)

I need to say a big thanks to my grandparents who were so kind to even buy me this printer!!!! THANKS!!!! :)
(I was pretty excited seeing 'Grace Creations' on the shipping label! Too bad they spelled my NAME wrong, that's why there is a space between the n and the i) :)

(Due to lack of space right now, my printer is sitting on the floor underneath my computer desk. We are going to try to set me up an "office" in the unfinished part of our business so I can move all my business stuff in there)


Okay, so I'm getting ready to post part one of my news today!!! :) I have to run and get Lane from school and then I plan to "unpack" and get pictures so I can post them on my blog for you all to see my BIG NEWS!!! :)

Can you tell I'm just a bit excited, the truth is...it's not that exciting to you all, so don't get your hopes up!!! :)


Here's a picture of Lane and Me excited as we wait for me to post the big news! :) (just kidding...we were just playing around, but hey at least it's a pic!)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Only a few more days! :)

Okay, so I shouldn't have posted my BIG NEWS thing yet, since it's taking a few more days then planned. :) Actually the first bit of information will be coming tomorrow I think! :) The bigger news though may be a week or so.

So you all know though, the news is NOT that I'm GETTING MARRIED!! :D Whoever wrote THAT comment, knew I wasn't! ;) (besh!) ;) I mean, maybe one day I'll get married, Lord willing, but that is not the news I was about to share with you all! :) Anyway...that kind of news would be posted on my other blog, not this one! :)

Stay tuned though! :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Okay, so it must seem like I am neglecting this blog...the truth is I've been very busy and will be posting pictures soon!!! I come home from FL on Friday and will have pics that I'll post! :) Some of them are on my other blog if you want to check it out! Click HERE

Also.....I have a few big announcements to make pretty soon! I COULD make them now, but I'll hold off till I home! :) Any ideas of what you think it may be??? :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008