Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Experiencing with Elements...

Recently when doing a project for a friend, I was editing her pictures and basically I told her I could give her a copy of all the prints in color and black and white. So that was my plan, but then on accident I changed the bottom layer to black and white and had the top layer colored, so I messed around with it more and ended up coming up with a new look for her, what I call "weird" :D I know this is probably a common way of editing photos, I'm just happy I figured it out. Today I just took a few funny pictures, so I'll post the color version of each one and then the "weird" version. Let me know what you think, which you like better. :) Oh, and the picture of me is because my little model didn't want to cooperate! ;)

(Oh, the middle pictures is of a dessert we came up with today! We call it, "Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake" It's all sugar free, with chocolate fudge pudding, cheesecake pudding, and then fresh strawberries! DELICIOUS!)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Friday Night

Well this weekend instead of just going home like I usually do, I had to work. The kid's Mom was out of town so I am here all weekend. of the worst parts of not being able to go home is not seeing Lane, my brother, so this weekend he got to come spend it here with me!!! YAY! I guess I'll explain more on my other blog what we did, but here are some photos I got. We had fun, we'll just say that! :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Oh my goodness! I had a whole thing written out about this post and then when I copied it, I forgot to paste and now it's gone! :( Oops! Okay well this needs SOME explanation! I in NO way think these pictures are good, AT ALL, I am merely posting them to show certain people. I had a WONDERFUL time following around Kami, the main photographer at my friend, Lora's wedding, but to my despair, when I imported the pictures they were all blurry and very grainy! :( I was so dissapointed and am realizing I am not cut out to be a wedding photographer, or I just have a TON to learn! I did have an amazing time though shooting at the wedding. Lora was a beautiful bride and the whole wedding was just so pretty! I'm very thankful to Lora for allowing me to get some shots! :) These are just a few of the shots.......I know I know, they are blurry, should see the OTHER ones, they are HORRIBLE! :D