Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Little Luke

These are kind of blurry...but wanted to post them anyway! :) I was REALLY close to him, wonder if that's why his eyes were buggin' out! :D

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Well today I took a few more pictures of Hanah. I still can't seem to figure out how the focusing thing works. I'll read more in the manual today, but that's one feature I do NOT like if I have to set my focus point by looking at the screen and not through the lens. :( We'll see though....here are some of the pics! I messed around in editing also, so some look kinda weird.

Also, today I took the time to go through everything that came in the box and organized it in my NEW camera case!!! :) I'm not sure I did it all right, it came with tons of foam stuff, so I sort of tore it apart and made my own compartments! :) Here's a picture of it with most stuff in it! The open space to the right is where my camera goes! :)

Monday, September 22, 2008


It's HERE!!! I was SO excited today as the door bell rang and the FedEx guy was there holding the box with my camera in it!!! :) YAY! Finally to have my own camera and knowing I wont have to give it back or anything is just great! :) I'm so thankful the Lord allowed me to be able to get this camera! :) I hope I can use it for His glory.

Well, when it arrived Hanah was asleep and Logan was at school so I unfortunately had no models! :( But, when he got home and of course after homework was done we went on a nature hike and I of course got some photos! :) Now, just so you all know, I didn't pick these outfits out and Hanah had just gotten up from nap. So I hope none of you are offended, but I think she looks quite cute! :)

These are just some of the ones I took. None have been edited yet and I'm still learning to use this camera, I'll need some help figuring it all out. For some reason the focus points are so different, to set them is very odd, haven't gotten it down yet. :(

(I told Hanah to make a sad face here, she sure did good! :D )

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I am SO pleased to announce that I finally have purchased my very own CANON Rebel XSi camera. I have been wanting to buy one of these cameras for awhile now, but just kept putting it off and putting it off due to not wanting to spend my money. ;) So yesterday, I just decided to look on ebay for camera (never had before) and found many canon camera that were brand new and never opened for sale. I found a package that I wanted and for a GREAT deal!!! :) So, my new camera is on it's way too me! It comes with the camera, 4 different lens', kit lens, 75-300 mm Canon lens, telephoto lens, and a wide angle lens. Also comes with two tripods, a soft and hard case, flip on flash and many other fun accessories. I'm so thankful that I found this good deal and just am praying it's as good as I'm thinking and that I'll have no trouble with it! :(

As soon as I get it I'll post pictures that I've taken from it, so you can see the quality of the pics! :)

Here are some photos of the camera though! :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's Raining...

Here are just a few pictures from today. I'm back at my nanny job now so I'm able to use their camera until I get mine. I am SOO anxious to finally get my own camera, but I still haven't ordered it yet, so... :( Hopefully soon! :) These are just really random photos. :)