Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Well today I took a few more pictures of Hanah. I still can't seem to figure out how the focusing thing works. I'll read more in the manual today, but that's one feature I do NOT like if I have to set my focus point by looking at the screen and not through the lens. :( We'll see though....here are some of the pics! I messed around in editing also, so some look kinda weird.

Also, today I took the time to go through everything that came in the box and organized it in my NEW camera case!!! :) I'm not sure I did it all right, it came with tons of foam stuff, so I sort of tore it apart and made my own compartments! :) Here's a picture of it with most stuff in it! The open space to the right is where my camera goes! :)


Nathaniel said...


Bethany said...

Oh wow!! That's some serious camera equipment you've got there!

Love the pics!

Love ya,

Danielle said...

Thanks guys! Yea, Besh...I LOVE having all this equipment though! :) Can't wait to show you in person!! :)

Chelle Nicole said...

Exciting! I like the one with Hanah and the tree! E-mail me with any questions, and if I can, I will answer them! Have fun!

crik said...

That looks like a lot of fun!
And you have a very cute model!