Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Canon 20D

I am excited to say that now I am able to practice shooting with a Canon 20D. All the pictures I have taken so far were actually taken on a Canon xti, or a Nikon 40D. Yesterday though, Scott, a photographer friend of the family, stopped by and showed me his new 5D he got and also left his 20D for me to use! He explained a LOT of things on the camera for me and taught me a lot. :) One small funny thing was. Scott had mentioned to me before that I should be shooting in manual, Soooo....I have been doing that. Most of the pictures I've posted so far were taken in manual, BUT I thought he meant manual focus as well. I realized yesterday that he never shoots using manual focus! :D I was so relieved to hear this, because some of my pictures, well most, even the ones I posted, have been blurry, because I'm not good at focusing I guess. It's been so nice now though, taking pictures and using the auto focus! Much faster also! ;)

I'm really enjoying the 20D over the xti, because of the capabilities to change the shudder speed and aperture by looking through the view finder. It makes it quick to change the settings, without having to look at a screen to see where your at. :) I didn't think I would mind doing that, but now after using this, I wouldn't want to go back! So, hopefully soon I will be buying a used Canon 20D. I've been told many times they are so outdated, and that may be true, but for the money I have and the quality I want, this camera will be great! :)

More pictures coming soon!!


Hey!! said...

Cool! Looking forward to seeing all your pics! :D

Kristen said...

Good luck, best wishes,
and have fun! :-) ~Kristen