Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tara and Jason {Engagement Pictures}

I had the privilege of shooting my sister's engagement photos this past weekend while I was in MO. It was lots of fun and they both were really great about trying any kind of pose I wanted to do! :) I had help though getting those smiles! :D If only I got a picture of what my husband and other sister were doing in the background! :D :D

Thank you both for letting me photograph you, I had fun! Can't wait till the BIG DAY!!!! :) Love you guys!


Mandy Reed said...

Love them all! Good job Dan! Those smiles are priceless! Thanks to me! ;) They look great!

Anonymous said...

Really, really nice!!!

Anonymous said...

sooo cute - visit my blog

Anonymous said...

they look so happy ^^
I envy you~