Thursday, April 17, 2008


Today I took Hanah back to the park, hoping to get some neat shots of just flowers and anything else that caught my eye. Well, when we got there Hanah started playing and this lady made the comment to me, "Oh, that's what I forgot, my camera!" :) Of course, in my head I was thinking...well, I COULD take some pictures!!! So....I asked her. I told her I could email them to her, if she'd like me to take pictures of her grandsons. I figured she wouldn't want me to, but I was SO excited when she said yes! :) Hanah played, I snapped some pictures of these two little boys. I feel bad though, because they didn't turn out at all like I hoped.. (I guess my pictures never do) but, I didn't bring my reflector or anything, so there are tons of shadows on their faces and one of the little boys was pretty shy and on the move, so it was hard to get him to just sit and smile! ;) Here's what I got though.....

Okay, and then here is one of Hanah! :)

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Miss C the Second said...

What a wonderful opportunity and *wonderful* pictures, Danielle!!!