Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pictures from the Farm

Most of you are probably thinking I have completely abandoned this blog, and though it seems that way..I haven't! You'll have to keep up with my other blog to see what is going on with my life, but I'll still post pictures here. Just so you know though, I have moved and these pictures are from the farm I live on and some of my new siblings! :)

(On my way up to Franklin Grove...a wind farm)
(Kaleb, isn't he adroable!)

(The view from their driveway)
(Jordan, contemplating life...yea right!) ;)
(Isaac, at the beginning of a mud fight)
(Gabrielle, looking so pretty!)


theTwins said...

I love them!
(the pictures and the people) :)

crik said...

Love the pictures! :D
You know you kind of made the farm look bigger. ;)

JessnJamie said...

Awesome pictures!

Anonymous said...

Cool pics, Danielle!


The Hemmers said...

It was neat looking at the Lee's farm from a different perspective. I hadn't seen things in such a unique way before!

Danielle said...

Thanks guys! :)

Hannah said...

Great pictures!! Those little boys are SO cute!

Missy said...

Great photos!! What lenses do you use?

ShutterflyH said...

These pictures are great!! I found the link to your blog on Kindred Spirit Network in the photography section - I love it!! You're a great photographer!!!

Courtney Michelle Photography said...

These are really great! I love barns... they make such amazing objects to capture.
And I have to agree with you... Kaleb is too adorable! :)
You did an awesome job on these.

BigBro said...

WOW! 4, 5, and 6 stuck out to me! I like 4 the best of all its GREAT!!!