Monday, March 30, 2009

Family Photoshoot

I was in MO for the last 2 weeks and had the opportunity to do a few photography jobs. What fun they were! :) One was a wedding (pictures coming soon) and then I got to photograph this beautiful family! :) It was soo great meeting them all and doing their photos! Here are just a glimpse of the time I spent with them all!


Dawn said...

really cute pictures!!
you do such a great job!!!

Charity Burnett said...

those look great!!! very cute.
praying for ya,

Maggie R. Burnett said...

cute pics Danny!
they are really good!
can't WAIT to see more!!!
God bless,

Bethany said...

Your pictures are so amazing Dannie-girl!! Love them!!

Such a beautiful family too! :)

Love you tons,

crik said...

Cute! Great job! :D
We need to go on a shoot together sometime! (But maybe wait til the weather starts to co-operate better! ;)

Anna :) said...

Lovely pictures Dannie~those lil' kids are so cute! I'm just waiting on those wedding ones!! :D

*love ya*!

Anonymous said...

Aww...Beautiful! You are a great photographer!
Looking forward to the wedding photos! Don`t forget to post them Please!

Danielle said...

Thanks for all the comments guys! :) Your too sweet though! :)

Crik- I'd love to do a photoshoot with you sometime! :)

Anna and "Anonymous", wedding pics coming SOON! :)