Monday, April 6, 2009

Notgrass Wedding!

Okay, so I know these took me a VERY long time to put up, but here they are, finally! :) This is all you get to see. :D I still have thousands to edit I think, but the majority of them are done. 

Thank you John and Audra for the opportunity to photograph your wedding! Congratulations to you both!


Anna :) said...

FINALLY!! :) What lovely pictures, Dannie! You did a wonderful job! Would *love* to see more though!! :D

Love ya~

crik said...

So pretty! Nice job! :D

The Hemmers said...

Great job, Danielle!

Maggie R. Burnett said...

those are REALLY good Danielle,
I think they're beautiful!!
I agree with Anna,I would REALLY like to see more :D

Shutterfly said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!! What a gorgeous wedding.

Dawn said...

We are so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!
You are an awesome photographer.
<> <3 u > o